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Hotline +41 81 911 30 30
Hotline +41 81 911 30 30
Hotline +41 81 911 30 30

Your family-run and heartily run feel-good apartment hotel

In the midst of the impressive mountains of Flims ... Take the pace out of everyday life and enjoy the time carefree, experience pure nature with us!

Our extraordinary house is located directly on the quiet edge of the forest, with its own large park with pool. Not far from the unique, turquoise-blue Cauma Lake and yet only two minutes away from the village.

We have been able to carry this beautiful bijoux since December 2019. We would like to offer you a feel-good atmosphere in which you feel at home.

Our endeavor to make friends out of guests is reflected in ours to be there for the wishes of our guests every day. We like to pamper you and always have an open ear for your concerns. This, if you will, our credo, is based on our positive attitude towards service and towards our fellow human beings.


In the lockdown months of April and May 2020 we have everyone for you Kitchens in the double rooms and apartments have been renovated and a dishwasher has been installed for increased convenience.

We have gently renovated the bathrooms in all rooms.

Excerpt from Binggi's book "Purgatory"

It seems to me - as if I am allowed to write my own obituary while I'm still alive. Since I was not very interested in my income, but colors and shapes very much, my "source of expenditure" became my business beautifully and from a single source. Ugly objects or those that do not fit here are thrown away or passed on immediately.

The houses are furnished with real Graubünden antiques that I collected with a VW Beetle and mostly transported myself - a rack on the roof and one on the back - one seat still inside - my seat. When the VW was sagging and was only dragging its stomach on the floor, the only seat was still made of straw when I parted from it, the VW.

I always tied the antiques myself with ropes or rubber spiders - it is a miracle that an accident has never happened to me on the passes in the off-season.

I never collected from farmers, only ever with traders and gypsies. I didn't market either - it was YES or NO. They knew.

I had chopped bread and cheese with me because there was no time or money to go to a restaurant. I have the best memories of my trips, always with my dogs, of course.

It is not at all absurd that I drove around with such joy, as my grandfather already transported all his children around India in carriages and the mother of my grandmother from Chur in Hungary, in Chur on the street danced with her tambourine. Oh, what a pleasure, what pleasure she felt to dance on the street.

In 1952 I came to this house "on the edge of the forest" with 45.75 francs, ate oats, red wine and Cigarettes I bought on credit in the store. I set up the rooms with the existing items - with a cooking niche - 5.50 CHF per bed and I made this myself.

A credit shone in the sky, it got the building blocks rolling. - they almost rolled over me. Collecting is the Binggi lust - I collected wildly and sometimes bit my hand at the wheel to keep from falling asleep. I had 5 days and 5 nights to set up the new building - then the season broke out. Since then, things have been improved and rebuilt - the kitchenettes even have scissors.

Recently, a library has only been created with only good books - hopefully they won't be stolen.

Everyone is at the Binggi bar Things hung up - little presents - kitsch - memories. Photos are pasted on by beloved "Kund friends".

My own style of hotel was not intentional, it arose to a certain extent out of "I didn't know how", but for those times the cooks, the apart-hotel were one great invention - only: singing, dancing, reciting has never turned into a hotelier.

However, whatever you want, with 12,000 m2 of nature park, unobstructed view and ownership not on the street, it works it is good for my guests. "

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